Purchase / sale and aircraft management

Aircraft purchase, sale and management services

Let's Fly offers specialized advice (technical, legal and management) for comprehensive advice in the process of buying and / or selling aircraft.

The aircraft available in the market are varied as well as many variables that must be considered when selecting the aircraft that best meets the expectations of each client. The habitual use of the aircraft by the owner, tracks where it will operate frequently, available budget, single use or available to third parties, the technical condition of the aircraft (current status and maintenance due), among others, are some of the variables to consider when facing the process of analysis and selection.

The second step, but no less important, is to define who and how you will manage the operation of your plane. Let's Fly also has proven experience in that service and for that reason we believe that although Safety, Quality and Efficiency are the common and immovable VALUES, we know that each client needs a certain customization of the systems so that the management is sufficiently flexible and adaptable to the objectives of each owner.

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